Shirts are cool, but doesn’t everyone need some ETC in their life, maybe a pair of galaxy socks– or a badass nebula beach towel.

Our apparel and accessories are perfect for festivals, other music events, vacations and anywhere you decide to create adventure!

Most of our items are sublimation printed but we also offer a more basic style featuring the Live In Love logo! If you love our trippy prints but like the more original galaxy look, check out our sister site:

ETC. includes SOCKS, BACKPACKS, SWIMWEAR, TOTES, PILLOWS + PILLOW CASES, BEACH TOWELS, PHONE CASES, and whatever other awesomeness I can create in the near future; stay tuned!

Designs are by Douglas James, Live In Love’s Founder and Graphic Artist, and Sydney Jenae, Clothing Designer and Good Vibes Spreader.