Check out our swim section! Live In Love swim wear give you the opportunity to wear a nebula…and really? What’s better than that?

Our apparel and accessories are perfect for festivals, other music events, vacations and anywhere you decide to create adventure! …they are also super cool to take a nap in (the apparel…not the accessories); we only choose the comfiest materials!

Most of our items are sublimation printed but we also offer a more basic style featuring the Live In Love logo! If you like the more original galaxy look, rather than Live In Love’s cool, trippy designs, check out our sister site: http://sublimationgalaxyshirts.com

If you find a design that isn’t offered in a style or on a product that you prefer, please let us know through our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/liveinlovebrand

Designs are by Douglas James, Live In Love’s Founder and Graphic Artist, and Sydney Jenae, Clothing Designer and Good Vibes Spreader.